Turbo-boosted Cognizant's growth by creating competitive differentiation

1996-2007 Cognizant

Pradeep Henry's contributions turbo-boosted Cognizant Technology Solutions' growth from a self-described “promising venture” to a multibillion-dollar firm.

Devised and executed 3 strategic themes

  1. Differentiated customer value: Achieved this through software practice innovations. Henry integrated user and business perspectives into Cognizant's software practice back when neither the company nor its competitors had method/skills in these areas that mattered to customers.
  2. Thought-leadership: Combined his internationally-recognized thought-leadership with the above to generate a lot of free positive media coverage. All of these together elevated the company’s image.
  3. Experiential marketing: Created engaging new marketing devises that prospects/customers could themselves use, including a show-and-tell lab and try-me interactive. This experiential marketing, combined with all of the above, produced competitive advantage for Cognizant.

These kinds of growth-boosting contributions were unique in India, but they worked because Cognizant had strong leadership and technical expertise as well.

What they said

Pradeep’s team had visibility in the client organization all the way to the CIO level. The prototype was based on a business process that they helped optimize. The team has been retained to work on a businesss process reengineering project. Senior project manager, Cognizant
We picked Cognizant partly because it had better UI (user interface) capability than others. Bill Ihrie, Intuit CTO, Businessworld
Pradeep not only had the thought-leadership over what he did, but was able to carry it into execution by packaging it into a service, forming and coaching a team, and delivering it as a service to customers. Assistant Vice President, Cognizant
Pradeep Henry created a completely disruptory practice that was so remarkably brilliant at what it did that every client that saw it wanted to utilize it. Assistant Vice President, Cognizant


Many details of this change initiative are available in the public domain. You may also contact Henry.