Turned protégés into winners

Since 1987 Protégés

Pradeep Henry could not have positively impacted 150+ organizations without his protégés. Today, his protégés are themselves very successful. Here's how they prepped, performed, and enjoy a little bit of luck as well.

1. Learned skills that put them 6 to 8 years ahead of the world

I bring a business process view of IT to the discipline of business analysis. Then I translate it myself into process and UI architectures. Pradeep's unique training is a real blessing and helps me come up with architectures that may not be possible with conventional skills. Team member

2. Grew up in a West-like work culture

The culture within our team at Cognizant definitely sowed the seed for thinking out of the box. The constant insistence back then on thinking different even now makes me challenge my own creations. I also see the importance of certain things I was involved in back then – like doing research projects and running weekly creativity clubs. They help one develop an innovation mindset. Team member, winner of 3 patents while subsequently employed at Schneider Electric in the US

3. Delivered unprecedented value in hundreds of projects

The application prototype that (Henry’s team) created … It was based on a business process they helped optimize. Software project manager, Cognizant

4. Received brand value through affiliation with Henry's group

Pradeep Henry's name is synonymous with innovation. TheWeek magzine

Such a combination of factors was not available in India back then (1996-2007). So, the value of Henry's protégés spiked – value perceived by current and competing employers.

Some individual success stories are available in the public domain.