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Innovation and change leader. TrendHunter, 2015
Top Gun of IT. TheWeek, 2005
Wizard of Cognizant., 2002
Distinguished. IEEE Professional Communication Society, 1994


Interview by TrendHunter Title: Making Mediocrity the Enemy
Interviewer: Courtney Scharf
March 6, 2015
Publisher: TrendHunter, Canada
About publisher: At 60 million monthly views, the world's largest and most popular trend community
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Interview/profile by CIO India Title: Dear User
Interviewer: Geeta Philip
October 2001
Publisher: CIO India
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Interview by Forrester Research, USA Interviewer: Vidya Lakshmipathy
Interview date: August 31, 2006
Organization: Forrester Research, USA
Topics: Cognizant’s customer results through PCD, Offshoring of user interface work, User interface discipline in India,
Report: “Usability Moves Offshore: Best Practices For US Firms Working With Usability Teams In India” by Vidya Lakshmipathy with Kerry Bodine and Steven Geller, September 6, 2006
Interview byTheWeek magazine Title: Top Guns of IT
Date: September 4, 2005
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Interview by Business Line Title: Business-centric designs improve efficiency
Date: January 9, 2007
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Interview by The Financial Express Title: Usability of software most important
Writer: Anand Krishnamoorthy
July 14, 2000
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Interview by The Times of India Title: Use and Usability
August 2, 2001
Interviewer: Sofia Tippoo
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Interview by Express Computer Circa 2001
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Interview by Great Lakes Institute of Management Date: Issue 7, December 2007
Publication: GRAVITY
About institution: Founded by Bala V. Balachandran, a Kellogg Distinguished Professor (Emeritus-in-Service), Northwestern University, USA
Title: Creating new business opportunities through Innovation
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Missed interview by eWeek, USA Title: Great Minds in Development (Video Series)
Invited: May 2006
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IEEE Title: Distinguished professional
IEEE Professional Communication Society, USA
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Computer Society of India Title: India Tech Innovates
Author: Global Technology Office of Cognizant Technology Solutions
Issue: March 2007, Issue 12, Volume 30
Publication: CSI Communications
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Bio by Who's Who, USA Who's Who in the World, USA
Millennium edition
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Profile by Cognizant at in 2002 Title: Wizard of Cognizant
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Favorable reviews on 90s book

IEEE Reviewer: Whitney Beth Potsus
Publication: IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
Issue: Date June 2001, Volume 44, Issue 2
About publisher: IEEE is the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology
Web: (retrieved November 7, 2015)
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ACM Computing Reviews Reviewer: Richard L. Upchurch
Date: September 1998
Publication: Computing Reviews
About publisher: ACM is the world’s largest professional association for advancing computing as a science and profession
Web: (retrieved November 7, 2015)
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Favorable review by American Library Association Title: The Top Technology Trends
Date: 2002
Publisher: Library & Information Technology Association, a division of American Library Association (ALA)
Web: (retrieved December 23, 2015
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Profile by Cognizant at in 2002 Title: Good information design makes good information
Date: September 26, 2000
Web: (retrieved December 23, 2015)
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